Vin-Pellet LLC makes shipment only on behalf of the legal entity of Vin-Pellet LLC and only from the following address: Mira street 17, Turbiv, Vinnytsia region, Ukraine. Shipment from any other legal entity is not carried out by the company.

In 2011-2012 the Smart-Holding companies initiated a unique investment project to construct apellet plant in the Vinnitsa region. 

The plant with a capacity of 75 thousand tons of biofuel per year was put into operation in 2012. The plant is built with the unique technology, equipped with Amandus (Kahl) lines made in Germany. 

The company uses agricultural waste, such as straw of grain and rapeseed crops, alfalfa etc. In the course of strategic development, the company expanded its product range by adding to fuel pellets environmentally friendly bedding for animals and birds.

The company nowadays carries out 95% of the total Ukrainian export of straw pellets, and supplies products to the EU countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Belgium,the Baltic countries, Poland, Italy), as well as to the markets of the Middle East (Qatar, Jordan,Kuwait, Palestine, Israel, Saudi Arabia).

Komisiano Investments Ltd owns 100% of the corporate rights of Vin-Pellet LLC.

Designed capacity of factory:

·         the 1st stage – 75 thousand tonnes/year;

Equipment: Amandus Kahl (Germany)

Products campaign phases:

·         Raw materials making

·         Production

·         Packaging and Shipment

Volume of investments: EUR 26 million

Staff: up to 90 employees (up to 230 persons when operated at a full designed capacity and taking into account seasonal workers)

Marketable products of the company are the fuel pellets, feed pellets and bedding for animals. The corporate sales policy is focused both on internal and external markets.

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