Vin-Pellet is a pilot project of Smart Energy in the field of alternative energy.


The company was founded in 2009. It specializes in production of biomass granules (pellets).

The designed capacities (the plant) locate in Turbiv, Vinnytsia region.



As the main raw material we use agricultural wastes: straw of wheat, barley, corn, etc., alfalfa hay and various herbs hay. The raw materials base covers a 50-kilometer zone around the factory, which consists 7 districts of Vinnytsia region. It is an eco-friendly region in the center of Ukraine with straw resource potential of about 1 million tons/year.

Designed capacity of factory:

·         the 1st stage – 75 thousand tonnes/year;

Equipment: Amandus Kahl (Germany)

Products campaign phases:

·         Raw materials making

·         Production

·         Packaging and Shipment

Volume of investments: EUR 26 million

Staff: up to 90 employees (up to 230 persons when operated at a full designed capacity and taking into account seasonal workers)

Marketable products of the company are the fuel pellets, feed pellets and bedding for animals. The corporate sales policy is focused both on internal and external markets.

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