We produce following types of pelletsfor burning:


Wheat straw pellets

(diameter: 6, 8, 10 mm)


Granules of stems of rape

(diameter: 6, 8, 10 mm)


Granules of stems ofsoya

(diameter: 6, 8, 10 mm)

On request, we can produce granules of different mixes of raw materials.

Advantages of fuel straw pellets

  • 100% natural - pellets made of straw of various plants without any additives
  • Environmentally friendly - straw pellets are CO2 neutral. It is emitted 15 times less CO2 than by burning of natural gas.
  • Renewable - straw pellets are bio-product made from renewable agricultural waste
  • Cheap – straw pellets are economically competitive in comparison with other forms of energy
  • Convenient for transportation and storage - pellets are packed in big bags of 1 ton, paper, polyethylene and polypropylene bags about 10-50 kg
  • Fire safety - compared to gas, oil and firewood fire protection is much higher, because the pellets are significantly less exposed to spontaneous combustion

Qualitative characteristics of straw pellets:

  • Calorific value - 14,0-15,0 MJ/kg
  • Ash content - up to 8%
  • Humidity  - up to 10%


  • 1,2 tons of wood
  • 450 cu. meters of gas
  • 420 liters of diesel fuel
  • 400 liters of fuel oil

We provide convenient transportation and storage of fuel pellets: packing in big bags for 1 ton, paper, polyethylene and polypropylene bags 10-50 kg.

The Certificate of fuel strow pellets (key indicators)

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The Certificate of straw pellets as alternative fuel

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