Vin-Pellet plant in Vinnytsia is celebrating 5-year birthday

Vin-Pellet plant in Vinnytsia is celebrating 5-year birthday
In April 2018 Vin-Pellet agro-pellet producing plant in Vinnytsia is celebrating 5-year birthday. Today the plant produces several types of products, main of which (more than 90%) is a cattle-breeding pellet. An average sales volume per month is 1500 ton.

“The Company has been operating for 5 years already. During this time a market condition of fuel pellets has changed a lot, therefore we decided to realign to the production of cattle-breeding pellets. Today our company covers almost 45% of Ukrainian market straw pellet production”, - says Andrii Soloviov, CEO of Vin-Pellet LLC.

The Company exports its production to EU countries (Germany, the Baltics, Finland, Poland, Austria, Italy, Denmark), and develops sales in the markets of Middle East including Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Israel, Saudi Arabia.

A designed output of the plant is 75K of ton annually. However, as of today plant’s workload is only 25%, This is connected with the lack of raw materials such as straw and a search for new product markets that can guarantee the economics of sales.

Today the number of employees with the Company is 95. In 2017 Vin-Pellet paid 4,9 million UAH of taxes to state and local budgets.

Vin-Pellet plant is a pilot project of Smart-Holding in the field of renewable energy sources. The Company is specialized at producing pellets. Production capacities (plant) are located in an urban-type settlement Turbov of Lypovetsiy region in Vinnytsia region. Straws of wheat, barley, corn and others, as well as hay of alfalfa and various herbs are used as the main raw materials for producing pellets.