Vin-Pellet fuel pellet production plant is a pilot project of Smart Energy in the field of alternative energy.

Environment protection, reduction of harmful atmospheric emissions, conservation of gas and reduction of its share in the national energy balance, high price of hydrocarbon resources used as fuel by the industry and population are the main drivers of alternative energy development in Ukraine.

Among potential directions of alternative energy development Vin-Pellet has decided to give the priority to production of solid biofuel, which is used afterwards for production of heat and electricity at industrial and private generating capacities as well as for other purposes.

Biofuel as an alternative to fossil hydrocarbon fuels is becoming more and more popular because of increasingly strict environmental performance requirements set in accordance with the EU priorities stipulated in energy directives.

The main business of Vin-Pellet, founded in 2009, is the production of biofuel in Ukraine.

Construction and installation of industrial equipment at the plant of Turbov urban-type settlement (Vinnitsa region) was planned to be implemented in two stages. The total design capacity of the plant is 150 thousand tonnes of finished product per year. Construction of the 1st project stage, with a capacity of 75 thousand tonnes per year, was performed from May 2011 to February 2013. The first process line was launched in the 1st quarter of 2013. It is planned to finish the second stage of the same capacity in 2015.

The company produces fuel granules (pellets) that use residues of agricultural crops (straw) as raw materials. The factory cooperates with agricultural firms in seven districts of Vinnitsa region. Total raw material resources of the region amount to 3 million tonnes of straw.

One tonne of product produced at the plant can replace 455 cubic meters of natural gas; besides, this fuel is environmentally friendly.

Pellets are sold at the internal market and are also exported.